Thursday, May 22, 2014


Today's post doesn't need a fancy's summer vacation time. What could be better?
Well, school is out officially. We are on day 4 of no school. I have heard my name "momma" being called way too much so far and E has been grounded more than having freedom. Ugh!! Can you say Sassy girl?
We are headed today for pedicures to make our pigs beach ready! We leave for the beach in the morning with friends. I of course have overpacked. How come I can't get this under control? The hubby just throws in some shorts and a shirt and calls it good. 
Having food allergies I have to pack lots of food so can still enjoy our gluten free gourmet away from home. 
I have begun Weight Watchers. I have one week under my belt and down only .8 lbs. (insert sad smirk here) I think maybe my body has lost so much that I am peaking at my current weight. Guess I gotta get down and dirty! 
My sister-in-love has recently moved here with my brother. I bought her a gym membership start up so I now have a partner to get me there. Somehow I am still making gym excuses! 
I will leave you with some pictures from the last weeks. 
Last day of kinder next to last day of first grade. 😢
Emme worked with Daddy two mornings this week. It's precious to see how excited she gets about her "uniform" and even more precious to see her Daddy be so patient with her. She even got to help now a yard. FYI: We own a landscaping company!
My calorie burn from Tuesday. Not bad but I need more!
Me after my two mile run! And yes two miles is a first for me! 
Super super Pinterest fail!! Can you guess what it is?? It tasted great but, the protein cottage cheese waffle was a flop! Better luck next time. 
Enjoy your day! Get active! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Wanna Be A Blogga...

Who knew it was so hard to be a blogger? Maybe my life isn't interesting enough or maybe I am not a  deep enough thinker to contemplate the troubles of the world or the trouble of a stay at home mom? To be or not to be that is the question.
I will try my hand at it...once again!!
So it looks like I left off in  2012. Well so much has changed in this time as it is almost 2014! Slow down time.
Emme is now 7 and thriving in 1st grade. She goes to a great private school that is a University model school that they only go MWF. T and TH are homeschool days. She has met amazing sweet little friends and I in turn have met their moms who have become my friends!
Out business is growing at a rapid pace. This is a blessing and a curse! David is so busy which means I am so busy running supply errands and take care of billing.  What a guy he is to work that hard for us.
And then there is me.....I have dropped 81 pounds.....yes that is the equivalent of a 4th or 5th grade child! Wow, does it feel good to be lighter. I won't lie....I had a breast reduction, breast lift, and tummy tuck about 6 weeks ago! After you live  so overweight for so long and not to mention have a baby and nurse for 13 months your womanly body kind gets out of place and falls south. I am so so so glad I did it all. My only regret is that I didn't do all this years ago. Which brings me to my next subject! Babies.....  Having said I wished I had done earlier wasn't attainable really as I had always hoped we would add to our family. I guess it wasn't in the Lords will for us to be anymore than a one child family.
Before we got pregnant with Emme we tried many attempts with IUI and fertility drugs with no luck. One busy month in December 2005 we were busy and tried not to think about pregnancy (which is impossible). But it worked and we became preggers with E finally. Ever since we had Emme we never guarded against getting pregnant. After years of no baby I decided when I am 35...meaning on December 31st, 2013 we will no longer try but even guard against having any babies.
So tomorrow morning it becomes real as the hubby is getting the snip snip!! He is terrified of having his balls cut!! LOL! I guess I don't blame him. So I am at peace with this decision even if it is 11 days early.
So from this day forward we are a complete family. We are not the typical family with 1.2 children ( how do you have a .2 child anyways?) but we are complete.
Well, with all that I feel like our lives are beginning again. We have closure to fertility troubles and we know how many bedrooms we need. We know we will not need to buy baby beds again and we know that we are raising a spoiled only child! Lord help me on that last one!
So yet again I will try my hand at blogging! Stay tuned for more.
I will post before and after pics soon of my weightless journey....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'll be back....

Coming soon!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Nasty is all I can say about the "lemonade" mixture. I took one drink this morning and my mouth was on fire from the cayenne pepper. So, I did what any person trying to cleanse and headed for the nearest McDonalds and grabbed an Egg McMuffin!!!! Hahaha!! So needless to say, I will not be doing that cleanse after all! I know, I lack will power!!!
On a brighter note I got a Flip video camera. Those things are so cheap and very easy to use. Check out my first video!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Master Cleanse!

Ugh, I am going to embark on a cleanse to begin tomorrow! I have committed to 3 days. It will be only a "lemonade" concotion and water only. No food at all! I should feel pretty bad unfortunately!!
Lame prayer request, but please pray for me to have the self control to withstand 3 days if not more! I have never been one to stick to anything, but I know I need to detox!! (not drugs or anything) I will check in with my progress!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Look what Emme got today! Yes, she is spoiled rotten!! Grandma Goosey (David's mom) got her a playhouse for the backyard. It is complete with electricity, electrical outlets, doors, working windows, curtains, and a little front porch.
I took her to Home Depot to pick out a flower pot and her very own flowers for her front porch that she will be responsible for. She was very excited to plant the yellow flowers in their red pot. She did however, spill more dirt on the ground than the pot!
We ended up hiring movers to move the playhouse to the backyard. It came from a half mile away, and it was the best $175 we have spent!! The movers had a heck of a time loading the house on the trailer, and then a heck of a heck of a time getting the house into our backyard. David even had to take the fence down in order to get it through.
I really wasn't sure who was more excited, me or Emme? I have always wanted a playhouse. My best friend across the street had one and we had the best times and best clubs in that thing! I know for sure Emme was ecstatic. As soon as the movers left, she had me in the playroom moving tables and chairs and of course babybeds into her new house. She even told me she wants to put a little bed out there!! She's a nut, and I am so glad she has this, as it will last her a good couple of years with lots of fun!!
Well, I am off to bed as I have absolutely terrible allergies and about 10 ulcers in my mouth!! They hurt like crazy. I am thinking a Dr visit might be in order!
The movers working hard to move this gigantic 1k lbs house!
Welcome home!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the Mood

Well, I realize it has been 4 months since I last posted anything on my blog, so I am here and was in the mood to blog!
There is way too much to post to catch up for the last 4 months, so I shall post our present lives as we know them today!
We have become quite the little gardeners in our small raised garden in the backyard. We have tons of strawberries, lettuce, corn, cilantro, carrots, and some peppers. We also have some herbs growing in pots. I am so proud I have even figured out how to make a bug repellent! Whooohooo for organic gardening!
Today David and I were a bit under the weather, so Emme went to play with her friends KK (Kennedy) and Kaylor. My friend Stephanie was so sweet taking her to play all day. I know Emme had a great time, as she showed all the signs of a fabulous day. 1) She was pink cheeked 2) Exhausted 3) Acted silly 4) When she got home and layed in my bed to tell me about her day, sand poured out of her clothes 5) When she pulled her panties down to get in the bath, sand poured out of them all over the floor 6) The film of sand and dirt on the bottom of the bath tub was incredible
So, thank you Stephanie for taking care of my Emme!
I have decided I am tired of being sick, so I am pretending I am healthy and going about my life!
We shall see what the next couple of days bring. Emme is getting a playhouse for the backyard, so some great pictures of that should come soon!

Lots of strawberries almost ready!
Ah, the fruits of our labor. We shall enjoy strawberry shortcakes tomorrow! I love Spring!